Jackson County
Kyle K Deno
Kyle K Deno
January 1999
307 Main Street
Black River Falls WI 54615
Monday-Friday 8:00-4:30

The office of the County Clerk keeps and records minutes of all County Board proceedings, committee reports, and a record of all resolutions, orders, and ordinances adopted by the Board.  Publish and post appropriate notices as required by Wisconsin Statutes.  Other duties include processing all disbursements of county dollars for accounts payable and payroll for county employees.  Coordinate and process the county budget, coordinate bonding issues and maintain Statewide Voter Registration System for 26 or our 27 municipalities, along with providing support materials for elections.  Maintain accurate records of all financial transactions.  Issue marriage license, temporary vehicle licensing and renewals.  Administers various insurance programs for the county.


Received 2 vocational degrees from Western Wisconsin Technical Institute

Previous Work Experience:

I worked for Jackson County for 10 years prior to being elected County Clerk. I maintained the positions of Deputy County Clerk and Computer System Operator. I also worked at Fort McCoy as a Computer System Operator and at American Colloid in Belle Fouche, South Dakota in their payroll and accounts payable divisions.

Other & Personal:

I am married to my husband Dick and we have 2 grown daughters Brandi and Moriah.  I enjoy traveling, fishing and other outdoor activities and also spending time with my family.

County Information:

Jackson County is committed to providing those necessary and essential services that protect and enhance the quality of life for our residents and visitors through efficient and cost effective coordination and cooperation with local, state. Federal and private agencies. We recognize and promote the diversity of our natural, human, environmental, economic and public resources for the health, safety and well-being of our citizens.    Please view our website for more information about Jackson County. 

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